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  1. 1.5.2 is right which came out 7 years ago had so much memories playing it haha(esp. CTM maps) I kinda concluded that it is a Forge's server side issue since I was not able to install on other computer as well.(getting same error msg) Am here just wondering if there is any other alternative way to install Forge on 1.5.2 MC(archive for deobfuscation_data_1.5.2.zip etc etc)
  2. Another solution I tried: I just found this from "Rules and EAQ" but link is dead
  3. I wanted to play old CTM maps made by Vechs. so I downloaded Forge(forge-1.5.2- for 1.5.2 and tried to install and got this error Since original minecraft launcher did not work I deleted everthing and went ahead tried ForgeOptiFine 1.5.2 from TLauncher to see if it was only original minecraft issue. but this is what I got from TLauncher as well. here is the log: I am guessing that Forge cannot download certain file from the server by reading this -> Any ways to fix the issue? really want to experienc
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