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  1. Never mind, I fixed the problem, it wasn't anything to do with the forge_gradle folder. Thanks for helping anyway
  2. It sends a lot of errors about the forge_gradle folder, do I delete it and then recreate it?
  3. I do have a mods.toml file, and I checked and everything seems to be ok in there
  4. My bin folder has nothing in it, I tried regenerating it, but it still doesn't work
  5. Can this topic be moved to Modder Support instead of ForgeGradle? I think I accidentally put it here without realizing it.
  6. I'm getting this error while testing the game. All the mod's dependencies load in except the mod itself. https://gist.github.com/ItamarDenkberg/fa40f402470c8c6c00499f9e7d500818
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