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  1. I have created my own creative tab and would like to add all my mod items into this however i would also like to add them into Vanilla creative tabs but i cant seem to have an item/block be in more than 1 tab
  2. So like this? public static final ModItemGroup ItemGroup = new ModItemGroup(DesignableArmor.MOD_ID); but that still doesn't work?
  3. I believe that CreativeTab has been replaced by ItemGroup so i made this code. public class ModItemGroup extends ItemGroup { public ModItemGroup(String Label) { super(Label); } @Override public ItemStack makeIcon() { return new ItemStack(ModItems.Silver_chestplate.get()); } } public class DesignableArmor { public static final ModItemGroup ItemGroup = new ModItemGroup("Designable Armor"); however this has an issue with the name of the tab it appears as itemGroup.Designable Armor. Is there a way to get rid of the itemGroup. part?
  4. I know how to make an ArmorMaterial but is there something similar for making tools in 1.16.5. If there is not then how would I go about making a custom pickaxe.
  5. public class ModItems { public static final RegistryObject<ArmorItem> Silver_chestplate = Registration.Items.register("silver_chestplate", () -> new ArmorItem(ModArmorMaterials.silverMaterial, EquipmentSlotType.CHEST, new Item.Properties().tab(ItemGroup.TAB_COMBAT))); public static final RegistryObject<ArmorItem> Silver_helmet = Registration.Items.register("silver_helmet", () -> new ArmorItem(ModArmorMaterials.silverMaterial, EquipmentSlotType.HEAD, new Item.Properties().tab(ItemGroup.TAB_COMBAT))); public static final RegistryObject<ArmorItem> Silver_le
  6. Is there a way I can get this to work in 1.16.5 I had already set it up as on the website you sent but it doesn't appear to work in 1.16.5
  7. I have made a custom armor piece and have given it a texture for when you hold it. I have also made a custom armor material but I dont know how to make it so that when you where the armor you see a custom texture.
  8. public class ModBlocks { public static final RegistryObject<Block> crafting6x6 = register("crafting6x6", () -> new CraftingTableBlock(AbstractBlock.Properties.of(Material.WOOD).sound(SoundType.WOOD).harvestTool(ToolType.AXE).harvestLevel(0))); static void register() {} private static <T extends Block> RegistryObject<T> registerNoItem(String name, Supplier<T> block) { return Registration.Blocks.register(name, block); } private static <T extends Block> RegistryObject<T> register(String name, Supplier<T> block) { RegistryObject<T>
  9. do i put this in the registerStatesAndModels if so how?
  10. public class ModModelProvider extends BlockModelProvider { public ModModelProvider(DataGenerator generator, ExistingFileHelper existingFileHelper) { super(generator, DesignableArmor.MOD_ID, existingFileHelper); } @Override protected void registerModels() { orientableWithBottom("crafting6x6", modLoc("crafting6x6_side"), modLoc("crafting6x6_side"), modLoc("crafting6x6_bottom"), modLoc("crafting6x6_top")); } } I added this is this correct if so how do I register it so it actually loads
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