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  1. I tried to found debug.log, but I can't found that, would you tell me about the location of the debug.log?
  2. Okay, but The logs maybe looks like corrupted partially, because We use Korean, 2021-05-07-1.log
  3. I operate Mohist server(downstream of forge), When I was made ZombiePigman farm over the nether bedrock roof, Actually, I tried to fix this problem, I tried Forge server instead of Mohist server, but my farm still does not work I used kill command to eliminate any other mobs about disturb to my farm, but my farm still does not work I checked about my server setting, but the setting is same to vanilla, I was re-made my farm, but my farm still does not work So, I was made same farm in vanilla server, This farm is work well, So I reported this issue to Mohist serve
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