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  1. For those interested this is the solution for me, instead of using server config, I setup common config. This is the Config class. You register it like this, in the main class of your mod. and you use the values like this.
  2. While I still don't see my login info in those files, I have deleted the repo and republished it using github Desktop. Thank you.
  3. Under FMLServerStoppingEvent I've also tried "Config.SERVER_SPEC.save();" Bottom of the file, called on FMLServerStartedEvent This is where I grabbed the values into variables. I think that's it, if not the repo has all of the files.
  4. Is there a way to set a config value, like with a command? When I've tried, I get an error about "Cannot set config value without assigned Config object present".
  5. Any reason it shows up when running singleplayer and not when on a server alone?
  6. No, I never setup the eGit for Eclipse, oh that was one of the files to remove in the clean up, it does nothing, and is not called by my event handler.
  7. I just uploaded everything that is not the launch files or the run directory, would a compiled jar work for debugging this issue? I'm wondering if it's related to the String.
  8. Sorry I was in a hurry and forgot to upload the new build.gradle, that branch was just for this, I'll add the wrapper to the main branch. It should compile now. When I get the configs working I'll clean up the code, and remove the unused classes, etc.
  9. I looked inside run/config, and run/saves/forge test world/serverconfig
  10. I'm having an issue where the server isn't saving a config toml for my mod, so that people can change the settings. Here is my config class The Config is registered as ModLoadingContext.get().registerConfig(ModConfig.Type.SERVER, Config.SERVER_SPEC, "singleplayersleepmod-server.toml");
  11. [SOLVED] So I did a config class, and registered it, and now I'm getting a NPE during loading a single player world. This is the stacktrace provided in crash-reports This is my config class This is where I register the config This is my en_us.json More than likely it is something I am missing. I found that this part under FMLCommonSetupEvent was the NPE issue, replacing it with my config register was the fix. ModLoadingContext.get().registerConfig(ModConfig.Type.SERVER, null);
  12. Does Forge auto save the settings? Also what is push, pop, and bake?
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