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  1. Forgot to say. When i found out i tried using #world.sendBlockUpdated() to update the block but if i do that the TER dissapears xdd. I will be crying in the bathroom if you need me
  2. Thank you for answering. But that didn't resolve my issue xd. I found out though that the tileentity does update when i reload the chunk
  3. package com.example.examplemod; import net.minecraft.block.BlockState; import net.minecraft.entity.player.PlayerEntity; import net.minecraft.entity.player.PlayerInventory; import net.minecraft.inventory.ItemStackHelper; import net.minecraft.inventory.container.Container; import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack; import net.minecraft.nbt.CompoundNBT; import net.minecraft.network.NetworkManager; import net.minecraft.network.play.server.SUpdateTileEntityPacket; import net.minecraft.tileentity.ITickableTileEntity; import net.minecraft.tileentity.LockableTileEntity; import net.minecraft.tileentity.Tile
  4. public void load(BlockState state, CompoundNBT nbt) { super.load(state, nbt); this.items = NonNullList.withSize(10, ItemStack.EMPTY); ItemStackHelper.loadAllItems(nbt, this.items); } public CompoundNBT save(CompoundNBT nbt) { super.save(nbt); ItemStackHelper.saveAllItems(nbt, this.items); return nbt; } @Override public SUpdateTileEntityPacket getUpdatePacket() { return new SUpdateTileEntityPacket(this.worldPosition, 24, getUpdateTag()); } @Override public void onDataPacket(NetworkManager net, SUpdateTileEntityPacket pk
  5. Hello there! I am once again asking for your Modding support. So I made a TileEntityRenderer and it all works find. It renders and everything is wonderful. The thing is, in the "render" function when I try to access data from the TileEntity, it is always empty. While debugging I noticed that the instance of my TileEntity is different from the one in the TER. For example: if i get it from the Block or the TileEntity itself : "com.example.examplemod.MyTileEntity@7158bcf2" If I get it from the TER: "com.example.examplemod.MyTileEntity@4251b1ed" @Override public vo
  6. Thanks! this is what i wanted to know n.n
  7. Hello there! I'm having some issues using the onBlockActivated method. I cannot find it. It doesnt exist in the super class "Block" nor "AbstractBlock". Im using Minecraft 1.16.5. Is there any Interface i should implement or something? I extended the class ContainerBlock. However, I didnt find this method or similar in any of the related classes. @Override public ActionResultType onBlockActivated(BlockState state, World worldIn, BlockPos pos, PlayerEntity player, Hand handIn, BlockRayTraceResult hit) { return ActionResultType.PASS; } Thank you! n.n
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