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  1. Hello, I am trying to run my personal modpack recreated for 1.18.1 through CurseForge, but when I try to launch the game, I get the error that it "Could Not Create The Java Virtual Machine... Program Will Now Exit" and am sent back to the Minecraft Launcher with Exit Code 0. Note that I am able to run my 1.16 modpack through CurseForge and Vanilla 1.18 through the Minecraft Launcher just fine. I read a previous thread about a month ago from someone having the same issue, which they fixed by removing JVM arguments from their CurseForge launcher, but I do not have any in there in the first place. They also said that when the game crashes in this way, it does not create a log, so I am not sure if this corresponds to my crash, but this is the log I have: https://pastebin.com/g0q6q1TQ As well as this latest log: https://pastebin.com/W1p3QMjF Here is a video of the whole process I go through before getting to the crash as well (sorry for low res, I can only record up to 720p): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-0cWR6DPfM
  2. Well, I just turned off BYG and the launcher did get further along loading the mods, but now the overlay issue has returned, with the launcher reading "The game crashed whilst rendering overlay. Error: java.lang.NullPointerException: Rendering overlay. Exit Code: -1." Attached below are the crash log and latest log. crash-2021-05-15_15.38.38-client.txt latest.log
  3. Over the past few months I have put together my own custom modpack just for myself to play. It worked fine for a couple months even as I added more and more mods. Then, a month or so ago I got a new computer. The modpack loaded just fine once on this computer and I was able to play for a couple hours. Afterwards, I came back the next day, updated a few mods (this may be this issue, although I'm not sure), and now for the past month every time I have tried to launch the modpack the game crashes. At first, Minecraft reported some issue with rendering the visual overlay, or however it was phrased. But now, the error just reads "An unexpected issue has occurred and the game has crashed" along with "Exit Code: 0." The most likely culprit for this issue in my opinion would be some issue with a mod I updated or my new computer, but the latter seems less likely since I was able to run this pack before on this computer, and it is more powerful than my old computer which ran the pack just fine. A crash report is generated when I try to launch it as posted below, but I am unable to decipher what any of it means, so help in that regard would very much be appreciated. I did browse a few posts with the same "unexpected issue" or "unexpected error" phrasing, but their issues seem to have been much more obvious or trivial then mine. latest.log
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