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  1. For anyone feeling to give a reaction....... Never mind.... I found that simply using the software that gave a server, also gave the client, and it did not work to connect at all.... Sorry Forge, but it is far to bad to call a ' good program' and so it is EXIT Bye
  2. Hi folks, I am no newby on this, but after I saw a youtube video about a guy who survived 100 days on a nuclear apocalyptic world (minecraft obvious), I wondered if I could do such a thing myself. I have running 5 Minecraft servers from home, 4 Spigot and one vanilla, so, absolute no newby. though I thought..... Setting up forge was a no brainer, everything placed nicely on big server's E-drive, let the forgeinstaller do its work, set the eula correct, start.cmd made, gave 4 GB mem for starters, checked that folders were made and let it run. I could enter the server, but th
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