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  1. I made a custom entity that (for now) uses the iron golem model and texture. But I want my entity to be around 3x bigger than the normal iron golem. So I tried matrixStack.scale(f, f, f), but that has an issues. It does work, but my entity glitches out, so sometime it is the regular size of an iron golem, but sometimes is really big (depending on the angle you look at it from). Here is my code: https://paste.ee/p/Uv9Kg thanks for help.
  2. I am making a mod that has a command that requires me to create a new ArgumentType called FormationArgument. Everything works fine on a singleplayer world, but on a modded forge server something changes. Whenever a player logs in, it says [Server] Netty Epoll Server IO #1/ERROR Could not serialize com.albsein9.customstuff.commands.arguments.FormationArgument@326eceb4 (class com.albsein9.customstuff.commands.arguments.FormationArgument) - will not be sent to client! Now I usually discard these warnings but I noticed that typing the argument for my custom command was showing that
  3. Oh sorry about that. It was working yesterday though. Here's a new link to my entity class https://paste.ee/p/gJ0Cw Also ignore my previous messages on this thread talking about a custom SheepEntity class. I changed it to a custom villager class because I found a thread that solved my problem for villagers, which is this
  4. Also how does the vanilla mobs do it. I checked their entity class, but I do not see an override for getBoundingBox()?
  5. Hi. thanks for responding, but this doesn't seem to work. The custom mob moves if I don't override getBoundingBox(), but completely stops if I change the bounding box, so I think the issue lies there. Also, shouldn't extending SheepEntity make it so my mob automatically has these goals? Thanks anyway, and if anyone has an answer, it would be greatly appreciated!
  6. hello everyone. I have an issue that I need help with. When I create a custom bounding box for my custom entity, the entity starts glitching out in-game. they don't move, or take knockback when i hit them. my entity class is here https://paste.gemwire.uk/view/727a13b3
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