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  1. Hi I wonder what causes any type of trees that grow under the dirt. It's growing inside the this machine wich is anoying. Can I disable it aswell in the server config? Here is what it looks like and here is the mod list: mods.txt
  2. Sorry I found it. profile-results-2021-05-27_11.58.26.txt
  3. sorry. Here is the link: https://pastebin.com/QsPh1z38
  4. http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/M3kv78BsmP/plain/ I did not know this trick about the debug log. But What I can see it's the "BYG" mod but that's my concluion I will leave it to you.
  5. Hi so I started a 1.16.5 modded minecraft server. First things off, before I join the server it says a "X" that means that I don't have the mods. But It works fine to join for some reason. ( that is not the issue) The issue is when my friends joins my server, after 1h or earlier the game force crashes withouth an error they say. (their minecraft completly crashes) and there is no crash logs, so idk how to post it. So things you should know: I made a server out of the curse forge client, I made the server from the modpack: Create+ and I added some mods to it aswell. (My friends crashed even before I added the mods) so I dont think it's the new mods I recently added because like I said, it crashed even before I added the new mods. Please help. The game never crashed for me because i'm the server hoster.
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