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  1. Welcome to… COMMUNITY NETWORK ⛏️ 💡 ABOUT Back in December of 2020 a few friends started their own multiplayer survival world which would later be renamed to Community Survival. Right now, we’ve built a stable staff team of moderation, design and development. Almost everything is custom coded, and built by our team. Our servers are stable and located in the United States. Not too long ago we introduced Bungeecord to our network, which means we’ve added a lobby server, party & friends systems and global cosmetics for you to enjoy! ⛰️ COMMUNITY SURVIVAL Community Survival is our only gamemode at the moment! Currently we’re hosting Season 3 the Ender Dragon event is soon to be hosted. Community Survival or CS for short is a rather simple and basic SMP with some cool cosmetic features for our premium rankers. Make sure to come check it out! 📈 FUTURE GOALS As I mentioned before, we’ve built a stable team of developers so we will make sure that every future game and update are mostly custom coded! We’ve recently introduced Bungeecord because we would like to expand in the near future, this could be with more game modes, updates to Community Survival and a possible event server! ✔️ JOIN US! We’re really looking for players right now so we would definitely appreciate it if you’d check us out! We’re constantly listening to our community so any feedback or suggestion is appreciated and we will do everything to sort it out! IP: play.community-network.net Discord: https://discord.community-network.net/ Store: https://store.community-network.net/ Bungee Release: www.youtube.com/watch?v=knl8-KTyITo
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