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  1. Hi! I am currently trying to create a minecraft modded origins server for forge 1.16.5. While of course there is one forge port of the fabric origin mod, sadly i would like to drastically change all of the origins as well as add in new origins, while i have gotten a server up in running in the past 3 weeks with a solid 20 tps having about 20-30 people on at one time, the biggest issues i have run into is the fact that there aren't many server utility mods as well as mods to be a stand in for plugins. While i do know that mohist has a 1.16.5 launcher that supports both mods and plugins, the origins mod is sadly incompatiable for some unkown reason. So! if possible if i could find someone to help me create an origin mod thats compatible with plugins using mohist that would be amazing! and of course i know this must be extremly difficult as plugins and mods werent made to work together, I am also very open to hiring someone to not only make the origin mods but as well to create a claim, rank, and admin commands type of mods to stand in for those lost plugins! I can go into more details if someone is interested! I am very devoted to this server and i have already put in time, money, and effort on my end and im willing to continue doing this! While i do have a budget im always willing to discuss price and see where we can go from here! Not only would i be paying you but i would also put your name on the server and advertise your skills as well! However one thing i do ask is that this project wont be released to the public! Hopefully someone out there is interested! Thanks!
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