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  1. I fixed the problem, thanks. I can't belive i spent hours of my life trying to figure it out when the cause was a single 's'. Also, shouldn't this have caused some error that would help diagnose the problem?
  2. The logs are inside the run folder, that's why I removed the .gitignore file. I figured that the logs were important to finding the problem. I see the line you mentioned, is something incorrectly pluralised?
  3. I tried changing the Blocks folder and it didn't fix anything. The post you sent didn't help me because it had to do more with the new naming system than the block textures. Thanks though
  4. I've been tring for a while to get this to work but I can't seem to find the problem. I'm trying to add a block to the game called example_block but when I load into the game the texture shows as transparent and I can see the bottom of the world through the block. I'm not getting any file not found errors so I don't think I am having file structure problem (but I might be wrong). Here is a github link to the project: https://github.com/FTSheepy/modAttempt4 Let me know if I need to attach more files please.
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