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  1. First off thank you for deleting my post without ANY notification whatsoever. {apologies for the sarcasm but I have been waiting hours for a response only to find my post is no longer there - even though it shows me as the last person replying to the post } I actually am having an issue with your mod. Started off with force update / clean install of Minecraft 1.5. (Did not remove any Coremods files or Mod files. ) Downloaded Forge 7.7.0 => unzipped & added to minecraft.jar (1.5 version) Deleted ONLY Mojang files from the META - INF. Launch Minecraft => Mojang logo => Black screen * * * Saw that people were getting the message "no log no help" when posting about issues. When I found the log files (there were 2) opened with Notepad => 1 was completely blank & the other was showing 3-9-2013 as the last date in the file. Obviously that would not have helped even if your admins had bothered to tell me how to post the log files as I requested in my post. Saw that my post had been deleted. * * * Removed Forge 7.7.0 from minecraft.jar continued playing without Forge * * * Moved Coremods file : GuiAPI-0.15.2-1.4.6 to a desktop folder Moved Mods files: -- [1.4.7]ReiMinimap_v3.2_06 -- CustomMobSpawner 1.11 -- DrZharks MoCreatures Mod v4.5.1 all to another desktop folder Added Forge 7.7.0 back to minecraft.jar Tried to launch Minecraft => Loaded fine. Tried to add back in Mods one at a time. Getting black screen for each of these 3 mods listed above. * * * Please help. I cannot play my singleplayer mode or multiplayer servers without Mo Creatures which requires Forge. If you need me to post logs, please include the information about how to post those, since there is NO information on your forums about how to do so. Please also do not delete my posts without any kind of notification as to why, that is just rude and unprecedented, that is to say I have never had a post deleted without being sent a message on the particular forum saying the post was deleted for "reason: " or at least being notified that it had been moved to a more appropriate thread/ topic / category, etc. Edit: added note about META-INF file.
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