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  1. Hello ! I am trying to display an information message above the hotbar. For example, Minecraft can display a messsage such as "You can only sleep at night". This is the kind of message I'm talking about. I don't know what class to use in order to do that, what method, what there's to know and I couldn't find any tutorial/explanation, but maybe I didn't search far enough. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Have you been able to generate them properly ? I'm struggling on that bit
  3. Damn this was a stupid topic to open. I'm sorry for making you lose time on such a dumb issue, I hadn't even seen the warning ! Thank you very much for your help.
  4. Actually, no error related to the topic shows up in the console nor in the debug.log. The on ly error is an authentication error. I attached it anyways but I doubt it contains any useful information, but would be glad to be wrong. Here is the code that I use : The block itself : package net.Nephty.rgbee.data.blocks; import net.Nephty.rgbee.setup.ModItems; import net.minecraft.block.BlockState; import net.minecraft.block.FlowerBlock; import net.minecraft.entity.player.PlayerEntity; import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack; import net.minecraft.item.Items; import net.minecraft.potion.E
  5. Hello ! I opened a topic earlier today about rendering a flower, and I kind of fixed my issue. As a new and different issue popped, I decided to make a new topic. The thing is now, it seems like the game can't find the texture for the flower (I get the purple/black squares instead of my custom texture). I have been trying to fix this new issue for a couple of hours but nothing to be found helpful. I don't really know why it can't find the texture. I don't get any compile or runtime exception, and every file seems to be in place. I've been messing around but couldn't find the issue.
  6. Small update about this topic : whenever I change the string referring to the texture in the json file located in generated\resources\assets\mod\blockstates, there are three scenarios : 1. I use a texture located in the items folder instead of the blocks folder : the rendered block becomes a flat image, as if you simply put the item from your hand on the ground. Not a cross texture, neither a full block. 2. I use the correct texture in the blocks folder : the rendered block is a cross block but the texture is the "missing texture" one, purple and black squares. 3. I use the name of a
  7. I guess this is something I must modify in the json file ? I changed it by hand but I don't know how to make it automatic. I use the simpleBlock() method to create a block and I would assume this is what changes the parent. I've realized that no json file is being created when executing task runData or runClient. The thing is, I'm creating another block and it's "itemized" version, and everything works fine. I copied every single step for the flower, and yet it doesn't have any json file. I edited a few json files located in : assets\mod\blockstates and in : assets\mod\models and it
  8. I have found the methods noOcclusion and noCollision when looking at the source code, which was really helpful. What Material could I reference here ? I tried Plant, Decoration, Bamboo Sapling, Grass and Coral but the final result is always the same : the flower looks like what's shown in the picture. In the source code, a Poppy is created using Properties.of(Material.PLANT), so I guessed I'd go with that too. How can I access this json file ? And what can I do to modify the BlockState of my flower ? I found a json file in a ressource pack that has the parent block/cross, but I
  9. Hello ! I am creating a custom flower for my mod, and I've encountered an issue. When rendering it, it seems to be rendered as a full block, whereas I'd like it to render as a flower. I've attached a picture showing how it looks like in the game and one that show the texture file, and the code is available below the message. Because it is rendering black faces, I sought and found out about a "isOpaqueBlock" method, yet I can't find it anywhere in the code and using the annotation @Override shows that no such method can be found is super-classes. My class extends FlowerBlock whic
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