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  1. https://pastebin.com/tPfuFKMh This mods as well as the others are installed from CurseForge only. I do use TLauncher though and have pasted my debug file i found in the logs folder in the link above.
  2. Minecraft had been running fine before this. Had some other mods (Better caves, Areas, Sit, Morpheus, Waystones,ClaimChunk) which were working fine. This is the error file that i received. Please help me figure out what is the problem. PFB the Crash Report ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // My bad. Time: 9/6/21 11:03 PM Description: Mod loading error has occurred java.lang.Exception: Mod Loading has failed at net.minecraftforge.fml.CrashReportExtender.dumpModLoadingCrashReport(CrashReportExtender.java:85) ~[forge:?] {re:classloading} at net.minecraftforge.f
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