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  1. Hello, thank you for the answers, but I am still having trouble. I have managed to use the getPos for the block. But struggling with the spawn. I find no spawn function to use. Ive tried going into the Entity class and I do not see anything there either. Could you please show me how this would be used.
  2. Hello, I am going through a minecraft mod course, and I have been tasked with creating an event, but struggling to complete this. I have only started the course the past few days so I am not familiar with a lot of the code needed. I am wanting to spawn a sheep when a specific modded block is hit with a specific item, but I can not figure out how to spawn the sheep. I originally wanted the sheep to spawn at the blocks location, but I have read that blocks do not keep their position data, so i had to change it to the players location, but I just can't figure out the spawning part. From the
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