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  1. Thank you for giving it your attention! You might have made the entity too close to the spawn chunks so its always loaded, that happened to me when I was trying to recreate the bug.
  2. I noticed this bug in 1.8 forge, but it is still in the 1.16.5 version I'm using. If an entity gets a scoreboard value and is then unloaded, the score will be deleted. The same effect does not happen in vanilla. It does happen no matter what mods are loaded. You can reproduce this by: Opening a world Leaving the spawn chunks /summon armor_stand ~ ~ ~ /scoreboard objectives add test dummy /scoreboard players set @e[type=minecraft:armor_stand] test 1 /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar test At this point you'll see on the sidebar that there is an entity with a score of 1 Fly away until the sidebar disappears becaues the armor stand is unloaded Return to the armors stand The sidebar has not reappeared because the score is gone, you can also use the /scoreboard players get command to verify If you repeat this in vanilla the sidebar will reappear when you return Log:
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