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  1. Thank you. A lot. It works. Is there a way to mark your answer as correct or is it automatic?
  2. wow that was fast. thanks I had no idea. off to testing.
  3. I have a SpawnEggItem and would like to get the EntityType of the Entity it spawns. I have not tried anything because I don't know how the getType(CompoundNBT p_208076_1_) works. Here is the code I have public SpawnEggItem getSpawnEgg(EntityType theEntity) { Iterator<SpawnEggItem> eggs = SpawnEggItem.eggs().iterator(); while (eggs.hasNext()) { SpawnEggItem item = eggs.next(); if(item.getType(idk).equals(theEntity)) { return item; } } return null; } So yeah... any help would be pretty cool, thanks.
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