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  1. Hey I am PurpleSheepMC, the co-owner of StreamLife Survival THIS HAS NOT LAUNCHED YET The best thing about us not being launched is that YOU can help us made decisions. We are currently planning to add mods and plugins and are looking for input. It could be anything from lifesteal to bending elements. But at our heart we will be a survival SMP (nothing to crazy is going to change). This is your chance to decided how you want a SMP to be. I am looking for streamers of any size (even tiny brand new ones or people who want to get started) who have excellent pride in what they do and their quality to play an SMP-Live or HermitCraft style streamer survival. This will be running 1.17 and it's going to be amazing! It will be a vanilla server with data packs, we also have a developer who will be making us custom plugins for QOL features (It will not stray away from vanilla survival) The focus on the server will be a laid-back and funny community where each person brings something unique and entertaining, helping with content and keeping the server alive. Events like the Ender Dragon will be locked until a date and we will be doing group events like the dragon together. We want everyone to help each other out with content, build a group up, and hopefully grow everyone's Twitch together. It will be semi kid-friendly with swears allowed but nothing too bad. **BUT SHEEP, WHAT IF I AM NOT A CONTENT CREATOR AND I WANT TO PLAY?**Don't worry, its only a majority of streamers, if your not and a active mc player you can still apply! Requirements:- You must be atleast 16 years of age or older.- Good Mic Quality (Anything with little background noise and clear audio)- Ability To Stream ATLEAST Weekly- Minecraft Skill Is Not Needed- A Twitch/Youtube Of Any Size (or just creating one)- Must Speak Easily Audible English Come check us out: https://discord.gg/fR49n62uJy IF you have any questions put them were and I will respond as soon as I can
  2. Ethera is Recruiting! Ethera is a custom coded rpg mmo minecraft server. We are two years into development. The server includes; - Custom coded, dynamic, world generation (Our world is constantly & automatically changing) - Custom coded dungeon generator and - Upgradeable settlement system - A custom coded professions and economy system. - We can add original, new biomes to the world while players play. We are looking for volunteers to join our amazing, dedicated, and creative Staff Team! We are looking for anyone with skills in: - Building ( World Edit is an asset) - Java Development/ Plugin-Development - Plugin Configuration - Discord Bot Development - Web Design and Development - Digital Art - 3D modeling and Blockbench -We have an age requirement -Having a working microphone is mandatory. If you are interested you can join our discord: https://discord.gg/H9akt3C Or DM : Kalinox#0001
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