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  1. There isn't a debug log theres normal logs and latest log but no debug log
  2. when I try to load a new world on a modpack I am making I got this error "Errors in currently selected datapacks prevented the world from loading. You can either try to load it with only the vanilla data pack ("safe mode"), or go back to the title screen and fix it manually." and I tried clicking safe mode it has the same result. The mods I am using are Abnormals core, akashic Tome, Alexsmobs, Aquaculture 2, Architectury, ars nouveau, AutoRegLib, Better animals plus, better end forge, bookshelf, botania, bountiful baubles forge, buzzier bees, oh the biomes you'll go, carry on, cave biomes, caves and cliffs backport, mr cragsfish furniture mod, chisels and bits, citadel, clumps, comforts forge, cosmetic armor reworked, culinary construct, curios, cylic, deeper in the caves remake, doggy talents, dungeon crawl, dungeons plus, enchantment descriptions, feed the beast gui library, geckolib, goblin traders, gravestone, Hwyla, ice and fire, inventory pets, iron chest, jei, just enough resources, maccaw bridges, maccaw doors, maccaw fences, maccaw trapdoors, maccaw windows, maccaw roofs, maccaw furniture, mouse tweaks, mowziesmobs, natures compass, nether portal fix, overloaded armor bar, pams harvestcraft foodcore, pams harvestcraft foodextended, patchouli, repurposed structures, scaling health, serene seasons, silent lib, Spice of life carrot edition, spartan shields, spartan weaponry, structure gel, survive, toughnessbar, tumbleweed, twilight forest, u team core, union lib, upgrade aquatic, useful backpacks, waila harvestability, xaeros minimap, xp tome
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