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  1. Hi, I wanted to ask (I don't know if this is the correct forum) about how I can make a button with a custom texture I have this code " public void init(Minecraft minecraft, int width, int height) { super.init(minecraft, width, height); minecraft.keyboardListener.enableRepeatEvents(true); this.addButton(new Button(this.guiLeft + 55, this.guiTop + 66, 40, 20, new StringTextComponent("asa"), e -> { if (true) { EsdecoMod.PACKET_HANDLER.sendToServer(new OooGui.ButtonPressedMessage(0, x, y, z)); OooGui.handleButtonAction(entity, 0, x, y, z); " but there comes a "string component" and I would like it to be more of an image, I don't know much about java, but if I know about the "net.minecraft.client.gui.widget.button.ImageButton" library, I don't know. how to use the method to make a button with image. Could someone tell me how can I do it? I am doing the mod in mcreator, and to make a button with image I need to write the code, so I would like you to help me, thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english
  2. NeyGeyex


    Hi, mi name is Nestor. I was creating a server, (magma 1.12.2) and I came up with the idea of implementing a "Radio" the server is a hybrid server, it allows spigot and forge, but I was seeing many ways to add a radio type and the only ways is to reproduce the sound directly, and What I would like is that, for example, the user will turn off the radio and stop listening, but when the radio starts it seems that the radio is live, that is, it does not pause or the sound is removed, it simply no longer listen to the player, I saw that the only forms both easy as a / playsound or with classes, what I need is to see if someone knows any class / api that helps me do that, both spigot and forge, or any idea of how to achieve that in Minecraft :C
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