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  1. so I need to use java 15 does that mean i can only use minecraft versions 1.15 and below or how does it work? because my modpack is 1.16 is there any way for me to play with it or is it broken right now
  2. I have been trying for 3 hours now to create a modded minecraft server and I have followed countless youtube videos however it seems to go wrong at the same point every time. whenever i try to run the forgeserver.jar file nothing happens and when i try to run it through a run.bat file it opens the command prompt then throws errors at me this is what it says if it helps at all one final thing i tried making a vanilla server and I got it working in 10 minutes so i dont know what the problem is, if anyone can help i would be so thankful :) C:\Users\ryanm\Desktop\valserver>java -
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