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  1. thank you for the quick response! I'll definitely look into that.
  2. Hello! I'm currently working on a custom entity that can hold items in their hands, but I'm somewhat confused as to how to properly align the rendered item to model's arms. My model is somewhat different than the vanilla mobs, so I take it that I had to create a custom render layer for this. I've looked through both the normal HeldItemLayer and the Fox's implementation on how this was done to get some hints on how this was done, (since the fox is somewhat similar to my model in that they both hold the items on their "heads"), and the part I'm stuck at are the two methods of the MatrixStack I a
  3. Hello! I'm fairly new to modding so I apologize for how noobish I am, and I am on the cusp of finally moving past the rendering of my custom entity but am currently stuck at figuring out what I'm doing wrong. For starters, my entity has dyeable properties, which should allow it to change colors. However, no matter what I do it doesn't seem to be coloring the entity correctly, which I believe may be due to me not including something that I can't figure out. Without the dyeing code/properties, my entity looks like the image on the left, but enabling the layers, it ends up becomi
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