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  1. Idk, implementation name: 'LibraryName' searches LibraryName-sources.jar automatically, fg.deobf looks like is not..
  2. Thanks! It's working, but, when I looking at library's classes I get: // Failed to get sources. Instead, stub sources have been generated by the disassembler. // Implementation of methods is unavailable.
  3. To test my library (main module) I have another module 'mod' (basically new mod built on library), which works absolutely perfectly. But after building the library and putting as dependency for another project, all is great until, I using final field from my own library. Exception: 'java.lang.NoSuchFieldError'. Gradle dependencies: flatDir { dir 'libs' // Contains LibraryName-version.jar and Contains LibraryName-version-sources.jar } dependencies { implementation name: 'LibraryName' } Used final fields from library: public class FormattingUtils { public static Style newColor(String color) { return Style.EMPTY.withColor(TextColor.parseColor(color)); } } public class UsefulColors { public static final Style ACTUAL_GREEN = FormattingUtils.newColor("#00b36b"); //... //... } Minecraft Forge: 1.19.2-43.0.7 Possible fixes?
  4. Forgot. var stack = player.getItemInHand(hand); Fixed it.
  5. MC Version: 1.18.2 Forge Version: 40.1.68 @Override public InteractionResultHolder<ItemStack> use(Level level, Player player, InteractionHand hand) { var stack = player.getMainHandItem(); return InteractionResultHolder.success(stack); } Works fine, item animation has been played, but if I using item from the off hand it disappears (not desync). Also if I make that item actually to something on use, let's say level.setRainLevel(1.0f); It still consumes item.
  6. This is so weird. I deleting .gradle few times before and had a same result. This time it's actually fix the problem. Thanks!
  7. Exception "java.util.zip.ZipException: error in opening zip file" appearing during 'running decompile' I deleting forge_gradle and .gradle at all few times, but have same result.
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