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  1. I want to write a command with player.sendChatMessage("/command") to chat,wait for a answer (chatmessage) , if its the right on, return, if not wait for a second anwser and check again. anyone knows how to do this?
  2. if these are Fake players, will they show up under ClientPlayNetHandler#getOnlinePlayersn and is this in 1.12.2 too, because i didnt found it there
  3. and i dont know if this is a problem, but the scoreboard gets overwritten by another mod. ist this a problem?
  4. i want to get the additional information Providest by the Server on the scoreboard and not the Playerlist
  5. I try to get some Information from a Tablist. I tried: Minecraft.getMinecraft().ingameGUI.getTabList().toString(), but that only gave me: net.minecraft.client.gui.GuiPlayerTabOverlay@25aa741f. How can i get the Information from the tablist? This is the information I need is the number of the Server (in this case WC23):
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