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  1. I was wondering if there was any way to change the text that appears under "When on [body part]" in the inventory? appendHoverText doesn't affect it, as it seems to be tied to the armor's default modifiers.
  2. I figured it out, never mind. I moved the files ending it _forge into data/forge/recipes and the ones ending in _vanilla into minecraft/data/recipes, that did the trick. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  3. where do I put them instead?
  4. https://github.com/Lukerd-29-00/balancedarmor
  5. I forgot leather; boots and helmet work, chestplate and leggings don't.
  6. Here is a list of the items that I can override: iron helmet iron boots golden chestplate golden helmet diamond leggings diamond boots diamond helmet which leaves the ones that don't work: iron chestplate iron leggings golden boots golden leggings diamond chestplate Attached are the jsons I'm using. chainmail_boots.json chainmail_chestplate.json chainmail_helmet.json chainmail_leggings.json diamond_boots_forge.json diamond_boots_vanilla.json diamond_chestplate_forge.json diamond_chestplate_vanilla.json diamond_helmet_forge.json diamond_helmet_vanilla.json diamond_leggings_forge.json diamond_leggings_vanilla.json golden_boots_forge.json golden_boots_vanilla.json golden_chestplate_forge.json golden_chestplate_vanilla.json golden_helmet_forge.json golden_helmet_vanilla.json golden_leggings_forge.json golden_leggings_vanilla.json iron_boots_forge.json iron_boots_vanilla.json iron_chestplate_forge.json iron_helmet_forge.json iron_helmet_vanilla.json iron_leggings_forge.json iron_leggings_vanilla.json leather_boots_forge.json leather_boots_vanilla.json leather_chestplate_forge.json leather_chestplate_vanilla.json leather_helmet_forge.json leather_helmet_vanilla.json leather_leggings_forge.json leather_leggings_vanilla.json netherite_boots.json netherite_chestplate.json netherite_helmet.json netherite_leggings.json wooden_pickaxe_forge.json
  7. I tried following the advice in this thread, and it does work for the wooden pickaxe example they give, but I can't disable a lot of the armor recipes this way. As an example, here is my json for the iron chestplate (it's in data/mymodid): { "type": "minecraft:crafting_shaped", "pattern": [ "X X", "XXX", "XXX" ], "key": { "X": { "tag": "forge:ingots/iron" } }, "result": { "item": "minecraft:air" } } Some of the armor pieces work just fine, but this one doesn't work. I've also tried { "type": "minecraft:crafting_shaped", "pattern": [ "X X", "XXX", "XXX" ], "key": { "X": { "item": "minecraft:iron_ingot" } }, "result": { "item": "minecraft:air" } } I've also tried both of them at once. I also tried /datapack disable "mod:forge" that also had no effect. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  8. I have a mod that works as expected when I launch it through the gradlew task, but when I take the jar file from build/libs/ and put it in my mods folder for my actual launcher, the item names all appear like item.mod.name. Is there an option I need to use when I compile it or something?
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