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  1. you can, go into that file, change for example "frailness potion" = true to false and try to craft that potion ingame, recipe is awkward pot and rotten flesh, or better yet, add JEI so u can see that the recipe is still added even tho its turned off
  2. yea, the client still keeps generating a config file thats different from the one on server
  3. I deleted that command. The only change is that the text in my config file isnt ordered properly. The client server sync issue is still there.
  4. i already do that, one line before i call the loadConfig method And i think i already said this, but that was the only way i knew how to make the config files contents match the coded input. Without it, the .toml files contents are added in a random order
  5. I already posted the code for just the config class, this is the entire mod https://github.com/MRClassyy/pots_n_stuff
  6. I'm already doing that, both the register part and server config part, it's not syncing.
  7. Potion recipes, as in brewing stand recipe, not crafting table recipe And for those (as far as I know) you use BrewingRecipeRegistry.addRecipe(base potion, ingredient, resulting potion), No JSON files needed
  8. And I'm aware the server should be the only one aware of what recipes exist, issue is the client also generates its own config instead of getting the info from the server. On that note, I looked around a bit more and apparently the issue might be that I'm running logical server code on a logical client.
  9. The recipes in question are for potions with custom effects so I need to initialise them and add them to the recipe registry myself, I'm not turning off base game recipes
  10. Sorry, I'm not sure I understood that. Which custom code are you referring to, the config class?
  11. ok, ill look into that, hopefully it helps and yea, testing might be a good idea, i wouldnt be surprised if i messed something up
  12. i ment the variables in the .toml file not being in the order i added them via code
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