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  1. Thanks for bearing with me and answering my questions @diesieben07. The MCPConfig scripts/tools look like a good place to start down the rabbit hole when I get more time. Funny enough, it might actually help my work since I've been swearing at Gradle a lot lately for being the most convoluted build system since the GNU Autotools. 😂
  2. Yeah, that would be the only other way to do it. Is there an easy way to search out the locations you need to patch in situations where not much has changed (aside from the offset) in a new Minecraft version? i.e. find the same functions when they've simply moved a bit? Just thinking from past experience with finding function offsets in C/C++ dynamic libraries as they change. I really should just look at the code (use the source Luke). Damn work getting in the way of personal curiosities!
  3. btw, the reason I thought that is because I used to program in Objective-C a lot, where you had the ability to reroute existing functions at runtime (method swizzling). Which was a great way to create a patcher that keeps working over time if things don't change too much. I wasn't sure if the same thing was possible using reflection in Java (haven't delved into JVM internals in years).
  4. Thanks for the clarification on that. I see that there's a beta release of Forge now for 1.17, so I'll take a look at how it all works under the hood.
  5. My apologies for the delayed response, work has been a bit crazy. Anyways, there was a comment about how, with Java 16 being used with Minecraft 1.17 (instead of Java 8), it broke reflection. Which I assume is what Forge uses to patch itself in at runtime (examining Minecraft's Java classes and adding the necessary infrastructure for mods to work). I'm curious to know the technical details of how they're working around that problem as I enjoy low-level technical work like that.
  6. Hi, I'm new to the forum, but a longtime programmer who recently got into Minecraft mods through my son (I've worked with Java on and off over the years). I'm curious if there are any technical details around getting Forge to work with Minecraft 1.17/Java 16?
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