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  1. I've been searching through the Entity class and the internet, but I can't seem to find an answer. How do I make a mob walk to a location like it would towards a mob? setPosition immediately teleports it and tryMoveToXYZ tells me it can't find the getNavigator method from Entity.java.
  2. As the title says, throwing an eye of ender leads to a stronghold, but spawning one leads to 0,0. Apparently, this happens whenever the /summon command is used. Is there a way to spawn the eye of ender that knows where the stronghold is?
  3. I'm new to modding and I want to do this. What class would I put that in?
  4. My mod has multiple creative tabs and I want the Misc tab to be at the end of all of them. Is there any way to organize my mod's tabs themselves (not the elements in the tabs)?
  5. I'm beginning to learn Forge modding in Eclipse, and when I test the runClient, it gives me the "file main is not a jar file" error. It still lets me continue to the main menu. Is this because I don't have a main class yet or is there something I'm missing from the instructions? I'm going off of the Forge Documentation.
  6. That's why I said I know a bit of code. MCreator codes with Forge, so I can add a custom element using my own code.
  7. I'm making a mod that contains a map to 4 structures. How do I create a locator map to these structures? I'd prefer if the one map went to all the structures, but I can make separate ones if that is not possible. It would be exactly like a Buried Treasure Map, but to different structures. I'm modding with MCreator, so if there is a way to do it through their presets, I can use it, but I also know a bit of Java so I could use custom code to create it. Please help!
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