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  1. Hi,I am trying to make a Mod Server or upgrade it to 1.18 but it just doesnt work. I have a mac and it always downloads a run.bat. Please help me guys. You always know the solution.
  2. I am trying to open a server with the Mod Ice and Fire but it doesnt work. Pls help me. crash-2021-07-17_18.41.26-fml.txt
  3. I did it!!!!!!! I opened it with terminal and it worked. Thank you
  4. Yes but the terminal says i have java 1.8
  5. I downgraded my Java Version to 8 but it still doesn‘t opens. I am double clicking the forge.jar and checkt many times on the terminal java -version and there is it too Java 8. I have no idea what I gonna do.
  6. I don't know how to downgrade Java jdk 16.0.1 into jdk 14.0.2. It would be very nice if you help me. +it‘s mac
  7. I am trying and trying but it doesn't works. I have Forge Version 1.16.5 and Java 8. I have here the debug log. PLZ help me.
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