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  1. Yep, but can I use tick delays without creating a separate tick counter method?
  2. I want to create a 1000ms delay in my java method without pausing the game. Is this possible? If so an example would be nice Ex: doThing() //1000ms delay doAnotherThing()
  3. I found a solution Thanks for the help though!
  4. No worries! I was looking for something that will periodically bold and unbold green text. But anything specific isn't really needed. An example would be best!
  5. You seem to have missed the point of the question. I want an animated tooltip not an animated item texture which can be easily done. ๐Ÿ˜„
  6. I know how to add advanced tooltips, and regular item lore. I've started to explore a bit and ended up pondering animated item lore. I've seen mods that have it, and I was wondering if there was a somewhat simple way that I could do this too! Any help is greatly appreciated
  7. NEVERMIND. I found something that works for me: MinecraftServer source = LogicalSidedProvider.INSTANCE.get(LogicalSide.SERVER); Topic SOLVED
  8. Thanks, but I'm having an issue grabbing the MinecraftServer variable. My code: MinecraftServer source = MinecraftServer.getServer(); source.getCommands().performCommand(source.createCommandSourceStack(), "say hi"); It doesn't seem to recognize "getServer()"
  9. One that executes commands as if it was entered in the server console.
  10. I've looked far and wide across the internet for some sort of help, but I can't find any methods that allow me to send commands through console. Not much more needs to be said, this is quite a simple post. If someone could give me something, anything, that would be nice.
  11. Here is my code: if (entity instanceof PlayerEntity) { Collection<NetworkPlayerInfo> users = Minecraft.getInstance().getConnection().getOnlinePlayers(); PlayerEntity player2 = (PlayerEntity) entity; specificPlayer.sendMessage(new StringTextComponent(player.getDisplayName().getString() + "evaporated " + player2.getDisplayName().getString() + " using the power of the void."), player.getUUID()); } I have a method of sending a message to a specific player. And a method of grabbing all online players. I'm not the smartest with java and I can't really figure out how to put the two together. I want to be able to send this message to all players, not just one as is currently. If someone could give me an example and explain what they did that would be great. As I said, I'm not the greatest with java (actually a beginner (blah blah I know, shouldn't start Java off with mc modding but here I am)) but coming from other languages like Python I'm a fast learner ๐Ÿ˜
  12. Thank you. Disappointed though that this won't deal OUT_OF_WORLD damage but it's still pog.
  13. I want to deal void damage to an entity (which I've already done). If it's a player that is killed, I want to override the "Player fell out of the world." death message and implement my own.
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