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  1. I'm using 1.16.5 Minecraft And wondering if (Force Threaded Chunk Rendering) is still a setting I can turn on That photo is just from a video I saw
  2. Ill ask again I'm not using 1.10 Minecraft I'm using 1.16.5 I'm looking for the Minecraft forge option because I wanna enable (Force Threaded Chunk Rendering) I'm guessing this was and old feature back on 1.10 but I'm wondering if I can still enable it somewhere on 1.16.5? because I'm getting lag spikes every time i break a block or place it because the whole chunk has to get re rendered and I cant find the option (Force Threaded Chunk Rendering)
  3. This option in the mod settings is not showing up for me I wanna turn on (Force Threaded Chunk Rendering)
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