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  1. Cool it runs now! Thank you for the help!
  2. how do I uninstall 16 and get the link for the older one?
  3. D:\Everything\Games\minecraft\Havocc - SMP V.2>java -Xmx4024M -Xms1024M -jar forge-1.16.5-36.1.10.jar nogui 2021-07-21 05:36:32,307 main WARN Advanced terminal features are not available in this environment [05:36:32] [main/INFO] [cp.mo.mo.Launcher/MODLAUNCHER]: ModLauncher running: args [--gameDir, ., --launchTarget, fmlserver, --fml.forgeVersion, 36.1.10, --fml.mcpVersion, 20210115.111550, --fml.mcVersion, 1.16.5, --fml.forgeGroup, net.minecraftforge, nogui] [05:36:32] [main/INFO] [cp.mo.mo.Launcher/MODLAUNCHER]: ModLauncher 8.0.9+86+master.3cf110c starting: java version 16.0.1 by O
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