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  1. It seems that LootParameterSet is now invalid. This is what im trying to write: protected List<Pair<Supplier<Consumer<BiConsumer<ResourceLocation, LootTable.Builder>>>, LootParameterSet>> getTables() {} Thank you in advance!
  2. I am watching SilentChaos512's tutorial on Data Generators and BlockTags.makeWrapperTag are in the helper methods for making the generators for block tags. Does anyone know what the name was changed to for 1.17.1?
  3. Ok, I did a bit more research and they are basically the same. Ty
  4. When i use AbstractBlock.Properties to try and create a new block it just turns red indicatiing it doesnt exist. When I hit enter it becomes BlockBehaviour.Properties. Is this basically the same thing?
  5. As of the release of 37.0.2 I can open forge so everything is good now! Thank you though!
  6. Hello everyone, I'm trying to install Forge for 1.17.1 (version 37.0.1) and the 1.17.1 forge installation won't show up on the versions list. I looked in the files and there is no .jar file so maybe that's why it can't work. Can somebody help me get the .jar file?
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