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  1. I have also just found out that when I rejoin the world after it crashes, I'm in my custom dimension.
  2. In my code I'm trying to teleport the player to my custom dimension when they interact with an entity. It all works up until the teleporting part of the code. It always crashes the game when I interact with the entity. Thank you in advance! The code: @Override public ActionResultType applyPlayerInteraction(PlayerEntity player, Vec3d vec, Hand hand) { ItemStack stack = player.getHeldItem(hand); if (stack == ItemStack.EMPTY) { player.changeDimension(DimensionType.byName(MyMod.MINING_DIM_TYPE)); }else { player.sendMessage(new TranslationTextComponent("mymod.message.emptyHand")); } return ActionResultType.SUCCESS; } public static final String MOD_ID = "mymod"; public static final ResourceLocation MINING_DIM_TYPE = new ResourceLocation(MOD_ID, "mining_dim");
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