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  1. Well I just did and it works... but I'm gonna add a lot more cause it was just a small test and it will be a little confusing if in 1.17 it does the same thing but wtv. I'm wondering why in 1.16 it doesn't work if I put them in a folder but in 1.12 yes. Oh and it's been a while since I played in forge 1.16 and I already had a folder 1.16 in mods so I guess it worked before so idk why now it doesnt.
  2. I do this in 1.12.2 and it works so I don't think it's the issue here
  3. I don't understand because I run my 1.12.2 mods perfectly and when I want to play with the latest forge 1.16.5 it just load the 2 normal "mods" and not those in .minecraft I can share a screenshot
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