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  1. Thanks for your replies. I guess the best thing to do would be to wait a bit until the Forge version of WorldEdit for 1.17.1 is released.
  2. I just downloaded the Forge 1.17.1 installer, and launched it from the Minecraft launcher. The game opened up like usual, and I added the WorldEdit mod into the mod folder (downloaded from the official CurseForge site). After closing Minecraft and attempting to relaunch in the Forge installation, the game did not start and I was given the message "Exit Code: 0". I removed WorldEdit from the folder and I was able to launch Minecraft without issues. I also tried to add other mods into the folder, and was given the same message. The Forge installation without any mods launched without issues, but with any mods the error would arise once again. My specs are better than the required to download Forge, and my Java is also up to date. Any suggestions?
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