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  1. Well, I just switched to the Optifine launcher installation until the issue gets resolved, and update to the latest version of forge and try it every once in a while, but can you post your mods folder as a screenshot so I can compare?
  2. Ok, i've updated to 1.17.1 - 37.0.12 and now, i get an error code:1 (with the same mods). The Log is here: https://pastebin.com/wphHsQaG. If you can help, then that would be great.
  3. If you have a look at my Mods list, I removed Optifine and got the same issue with 'Error Code: 1'. That is Optifabric (A fabric version with Optifine, but a different Mod)
  4. It's Optifine as optifine isn't compatible with Forge 1.17.1. Try uninstalling it until it is fixed.
  5. So i've seen a few people with this problem, and its to do with Forge crashing. I read some Forum posts and narrowed it down to Optifine as it is currently not compatible with Forge. Seeing this problem, i deleted Optifine. problem solved, right? No. I'm at a brick wall, as whenever I try to load in Minecraft, I get the Error message: Exit Code: 0. (Log Here: https://pastebin.com/AzGmMWu3 ). My mods folder is jammed, and there are multiple outdated mods for 1.16.5 that shouldn't make a difference. If you can help me in any way, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. I have been reading other forum posts similar to this and one, has narrowed it down to the extracted version of optifine. This has happened to me, and I’m no expert but I think if you play with a different mod until the issue fixes, it will work.
  7. This has happened to me as well, I believe that there are multiple other people who are experiencing the same problem. Try making sure that your forge is completely up to date (at the time of writing this is 1.17.1 - 37.0.7). I’m no expert, (I leave that to the experts) so just hold on and im sure the forge team are working on a fix.
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