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  1. How would I do it on a third party server. I don’t run a server through my own PC but through MCProHosting so I’m using their FTP Access and I don’t know how to run it through there. Thanks for the reply
  2. What files load in for you when you download the server files? When I load it in, there’s not .jar files but .bam’s
  3. I'm currently with MCProHosting and I have made a ticket and they've responded but still haven't updated it. I'm using their FTP along with FileZilla but doing the old drag and drop doesn't work anymore. I'm trying to set up my server for me and my friends using the new Forge 1.17.1 and since the new Java update, we're not using jar. files anymore, so how would I go about updating my server? Is there a certain way I should be uploading/loading the files? Thanks!
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