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  1. Hello Mr. MgoMoarPr0! I think I may have found a solution. I don't really know anything about Java, but on a whim I decided to tweak the folder name. I got rid of spaces in the folder name file, originally I had named it "Minecraft modded server", and it failed installing at the exact same point yours did. It creates the archive, then tries to reference it and decidedly cannot find it, so I recommend renaming your folder to something with no spaces, I didn't try underscores I just used "Modserver" and amazingly it got past the crashing point and successfully installed! I changed the java file to "forge" as recommended by some crappy site trying to peddle a bunch of software. I tried it before with just changing that name and it still crashed, but I'm including this detail in case it makes a difference for anyone else. I tried uploading my log to provide proof of success, unfortunately it failed twice, likely the file is too big. Initial installer log is 12kb and the successful log is 2mb. I hope this helps everyone else who comes across the "java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not find archive:" java runtime error. I couldn't find anything from any other sites outside of minecraft of this error popping up.
  2. Hello all! I know no one invited me to join this conversation, but here I am! So yes I'm also experiencing the similar error message and I'm unable to use the 1.17 .jar file. Real quick I guess or I will never post this, I have both 8 and 16, have managed to run minecraft, minecraft with optifine, and also started standard server on a separate pc. Anyway, heres my log, s\ame archive issue installer.log
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