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  1. I'm following a tutorial on making a GUI (tutorial is for 1.16.4) and some methods have changed. I am not able to find methods drawGuiContainerForegroundLayer and drawGuiContainerBackgroundLayer of the ContainerScreen<> class. What should I replace them with? Additionally, what to use instead of Block.getMenuProvider since it is deprecated?
  2. I followed a tutorial (albeit I think it was using MCP mappings because some methods it overwrote simply didn't exist for me so I tried to guess which is which sometimes) for adding a GUI to a block. I had the made the block prior so that in itself was working, so I went on as usual to add a GUI to it. I think I might have guessed wrong somewhere, as the GUI doesn't show up at all - but the game doesn't crash and Eclipse doesn't show any errors. I have the TileEntityRegistryHandler called from the main mod file to register the Bus (I checked and it does get called), so the TileEntity itself should be getting registered.
  3. useOn ? EDIT: ok found it, for some reason it didn't show up in the list until i wrote it manually
  4. I extended the Item class to my item and registered it correctly, everything works fine, but I can only use it when looking at a block (its texture changes when it's used so it's quite easy to notice). Is there any method of Item that I missed that allows to right click item while not looking at a block or is there a different way I need to go about that?
  5. https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/1.17.x/gettingstarted/ this is the official documentation of starting modding (for 1.17 technically, but it seems it wasn't updated from 1.16 yet). You can get the basics from here - and if you set up the MDK correctly, you get an example mod in the files.
  6. I haven't put build.gradle, etc. on github, I also use .git/info/exclude instead of .gitignore since it's only local restrictions; only the src folder is published, I can upload the other files too. I don't have permission from the original author, since there is no way to contact him for >2 years, I can pull the deobf from github and just leave the jar there, but it is there only for reference as I am going to rewrite it not port it. Currently only the name of both mods is the same.
  7. So, I'm trying to learn modding (since y'know, Java 16) and I thought the first thing I would do is to make sure the user knows to get the newest version of my mod, which is also at the very beginning of the forge docs. And from what the wiki says, having this as my JSON should do the trick. For reference, the same thing happens to Forge itself (the target is set to null) and despite me being on 37.0.7 for the first few attempts, I haven't been notified of an update. I'm not really sure what else I can do (I also tried adding the Version Check explicitly): LOGGER.info(VersionChecker.getResult(ModLoadingContext.get().getActiveContainer().getModInfo())); which gives the exact same result: [15:00:12] [Worker-Main-4/INFO]: CheckResult[status=BETA, target=null, changes={}, url=https://github.com/Aonodensetsu/starminer-1.17/releases] I don't see myself doing anything wrong here so I suppose this might be a bug - do tell in either case.
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