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  1. um i bought a 600$ computer for mincraft and it was not pc it is a computer with a soft ware box and requires a tv screen of some sort
  2. but I will use mods from curse forge can you give me the link?
  3. I'm not using pc I'm actualy using window 10, plus my soft ware is the best out there.
  4. plus some are for forge and some for fabric so I only used forge ones it tells me
  5. wait was I suppose to dowload the mods first then download forge?
  6. ok. But um I had to create a mods folder because forge didn't.
  7. I have downloaded forge mods (also 1.17.1) for the latest forge (1.17.1) and when I aquired(IDK completely how to spell) them, then booted up my minecraft launcher when i checked my mods and booth forge and minecraft said no mods found can you help to why this is happing?
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