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  1. Been running my 1.17.1 Server for a couple days now without issues, that was, until my friends and I decided to build a Slime farm. We quickly discovered that Slimes don't split, at all. The large slimes don't split to mediums and mediums don't split to small. Small Slimes still drop Slimeballs though. The same thing applies to Magma cubes. Another thing my friends noticed, Pillagers don't spawn either. However, everything functions properly in a Singleplayer world. These two videos show the Server and Singleplayer events. Thanks - Salty
  2. Nah it is the C:\Users\(User)\Downloads folder, it was in a folder inside a folder etc., maybe a few too many for it to handle. Wasn't aware that it would require Java 16, I don't remember reading anywhere that it needed it and I know past Forge servers haven't required it. Regardless, all works now! Not having Java 16 was the issue. Thanks for the help
  3. I installed the Server using the forge-1.17.1-37.0.13-installer.jar from the Forge files website. The first issue I encountered was attempting to install the server in a folder on my desktop, while the .jar installer file was still in my Downloads folder. The issue was resolved by moving the .jar installer to my desktop (same area as the folder it's extracting files into). Second issue (the one I can't fix), is that when attempting to run the server, it would state that it "Could not find or load the main class @user_jvm_args.txt" though the file was right there in the same folder as it. I understand that Forge 1.17.1 is still in Beta, just wondering if this issue is resolvable (and if so, how it might be fixed) or if the server portion isn't an actual functioning piece yet. Thanks - Salty
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