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  1. Duuud that's exactly my question. RGB? idk ._.
  2. that's a method from Minecraft classes. Is completely confuse (something like _p_82638_)
  3. about the color, what should i put there? hex color? x1 and y1 is one of the edges of the rectangle, right? so x2 and y2 would be the other end, and will everything in between those two be the color I choose?
  4. I meant: what do I put in these parameters?
  5. how and where? AbstractGui.fill(ms, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?);
  6. I forgot to put it as an answer, but it's there
  7. private void renderOverlay(MatrixStack ms, float partialTicks) { drawElement(ms, partialTicks); } private void bind(ResourceLocation res) { this.mc.textureManager.bind(res);; } private void drawElement(MatrixStack ms, float partialTicks) { bind(AbstractGui.GUI_ICONS_LOCATION); RenderSystem.pushMatrix(); RenderSystem.enableBlend(); Drawer.drawRect(20, 20, 10, 10, 29836473); RenderSystem.popMatrix(); } Drawer.drawRect(): public static void drawRect(int posX, int posY, int width, int height, int color) { float f3; if (color == -1) return; if (color <= 16777215 && color >= 0) { f3 = 1.0F; } else { f3 = (color >> 24 & 0xFF) / 255.0F; } float f = (color >> 16 & 0xFF) / 255.0F; float f1 = (color >> 8 & 0xFF) / 255.0F; float f2 = (color & 0xFF) / 255.0F; RenderSystem.enableBlend(); RenderSystem.disableTexture(); RenderSystem.blendFuncSeparate(770, 771, 1, 0); RenderSystem.color4f(f, f1, f2, f3); RenderSystem.disableDepthTest(); Tessellator tessellator = Tessellator.getInstance(); BufferBuilder vertexbuffer = tessellator.getBuilder(); vertexbuffer.begin(7, DefaultVertexFormats.BLOCK); vertexbuffer.normal(posX, posY + height, (float) 0.0D).endVertex(); vertexbuffer.normal(posX + width, posY + height, (float) 0.0D).endVertex(); vertexbuffer.normal(posX + width, posY, (float) 0.0D).endVertex(); vertexbuffer.normal(posX, posY, (float) 0.0D).endVertex(); tessellator.end(); RenderSystem.enableTexture(); RenderSystem.disableBlend(); RenderSystem.enableDepthTest(); RenderSystem.color3f(1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F); } there's a lot I don't know how it works, since I'm a bit new to modding, but I've been programming in Java for a while
  8. Well, my problem is this: I've been trying to modify the minecraft hud for a long time, relying only on old threads and decompiling mods that mess with that. So far I haven't managed much, so I decided to come here and ask for help. My objective is to change the game bars, add some slots and information on the screen. Here's the code I'm using to stop rendering what I don't need, and this "renderOverlay" method should create a bar on the screen, but it actually makes the screen completely black public void onRender(RenderGameOverlayEvent.Pre event) { this.mc.options.heldItemTooltips = false; renderOverlay(event.getMatrixStack(), 15); switch (event.getType()) { case AIR: event.setCanceled(true); case ARMOR: event.setCanceled(true); case EXPERIENCE: event.setCanceled(true); case FOOD: event.setCanceled(true); case HEALTH: event.setCanceled(true); case HEALTHMOUNT: event.setCanceled(true); case HOTBAR: event.setCanceled(true); case JUMPBAR: event.setCanceled(true); case POTION_ICONS: event.setCanceled(true); } }
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