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  1. ok honestly I have no clue what that means or how to do that, also I don't have a start.bat file. I think I understand what a path variable is but not what a temp variable is
  2. I don't know much about commands so what would I type in after java? would I say "java 8 -jar..."? add an underscore? do I have to specify java 8 update 301?
  3. ok should I try using a different Minecraft version? or a different Java version? and if so which should I use
  4. for whatever reason it won't let me upload an image but this is what my output says in my terminal and this is what is in the debug file
  5. so I opened a new terminal at my folder holding the forge files and typed in "java -jar forgeserver.jar" it opened the file however it only added the logs folder
  6. I am trying to make a server for my friends and I to play on, keep in mind I have a 2020 M1 chip MacBook so it is a bit different than windows. When I install the forge server from the installer it gives me 3 files; forge-1.16.5-36.2.2.jar, libraries folder, and Minecraft_server.1.16.5.jar. The video I am following told me to open the first one but when I did it does not give me the necessary files (i.e. eula.txt, mods, logs etc.) all it does is give me a message saying "Java Application launch failed" and that I should check console for a possible error
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