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  1. Yeah thanks I saw that, but since that property is a Boolean I can’t swap it for a different number. I want a value larger than the 6 hard coded in
  2. Hi, first time poster. I would like to enable the creation of extra large vanilla biomes (larger than what Large Biomes produces). I have done some searching on this forum and elsewhere and could not really find any good leads on how to implement this. I did some code searching on my own and found the relevant line that needs to be changed in biome.OverworldBiomeSource.class. Unfortunately it appears the value is hardcoded so I am not sure the best way to change it. I thought the class could be overridden but it seems like one would need to go down the rabbit hole of overriding classes to make it work properly. I also thought that maybe I could use reflection to call the function in question but not sure how I would detect when to do that (I am new to reflection so not sure this is even possible). Relevant code: biome.OverworldBiomeSource.class public OverworldBiomeSource(long p_48590_, boolean p_48591_, boolean p_48592_, Registry<Biome> p_48593_) { super(java.util.stream.Stream.concat(POSSIBLE_BIOMES.stream(), net.minecraftforge.common.BiomeManager.getAdditionalOverworldBiomes().stream()).map((p_48603_) -> { return () -> { return p_48593_.getOrThrow(p_48603_); }; })); this.seed = p_48590_; this.legacyBiomeInitLayer = p_48591_; this.largeBiomes = p_48592_; this.biomes = p_48593_; this.noiseBiomeLayer = Layers.getDefaultLayer(p_48590_, p_48591_, p_48592_ ? 6 : 4, 4); } public BiomeSource withSeed(long p_48596_) { return new OverworldBiomeSource(p_48596_, this.legacyBiomeInitLayer, this.largeBiomes, this.biomes); } Layers.getDefaultLayer() As can be seen the withSeed() function is called which passes in the largeBiomes boolean. In turn a ternary operator is used to decide if the Layers.getDefaultLayer function gets a 6 (Large Biomes) or a 4 (Default). I would like to pass in a different number here, say 10. Does anyone know a good way of doing this? Thank you!
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