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  1. can you just give me a tutorial, guide. i just need a help!
  2. i am new in java, before 2 years i program in c# or html, css, javascript, php
  3. Luis_ST can you give a guide or video, i dont no how i can do that
  4. nothing, i just not from england of usa i am from russia
  5. i am created a few ores and metals and i want to the ores melts only in my furnace how i can do that?
  6. diesieben07 i dont sure about, i cant found an api or library
  7. i want to create in my mod(metal master) a few rings and belts who know wrote to me please
  8. i want just create a 4 rings and 2 belts how can i connect in intellj?
  9. modLoader="javafml" #mandatory loaderVersion="[36,)" #mandatory This is typically bumped every Minecraft version by Forge. See our download page for lists of versions. license="All rights reserved" [[mods]] #mandatory modId="metalmaster" #mandatory version="1.0.0" #mandatory displayName="metalmaster" #mandatory logoFile="examplemod.png" #optional credits=":3" #optional authors="klimooss123" #optional description='''i created this mod to joke! Enjoy! ;3 ''' [[dependencies.metalmaster]] #optional modId="forge" #mandatory mandatory=true #mandatory versionRange="[36,)" #mandatory ordering="NONE" side="BOTH" [[dependencies.metalmaster]] modId="minecraft" mandatory=true versionRange="[1.16.5,1.17)" ordering="NONE" side="BOTH"
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