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  1. Hello. For the past few days I've been attempting to play a modpack of my own creation with the intent of testing it for use in a server. The pack contains 200 mods and appears to crash at completely random moments. Sometimes, it crashes on startup, sometimes it crashes on world gen, sometimes it crashes randomly in game, or when I exit a menu. I've been attempting to pre-generate chunks with a mod, and the game would crash every time during the process. Even should I use the same exact seed and generate different amounts of chunks or generate it slower or faster, it would crash at some random moment. It never really crashes at the same point either, unless it's at startup. I can usually play for sometime before I crash as well, which makes it even weirder. Happens out of nowhere, randomly. It does not corrupt my save, or at least has not until now. I looked around for the main errors I could discern myself from the launcher log, forge's log, etc., but none of these yielded any results that would help me fix the problem. Most results I found said that the problem might be with Java and not Forge or Minecraft, however, even reinstalling both Java and Minecraft, using the MC Launcher by itself instead of CurseForge and many other "solutions" still yield the same issue. This issue sometimes happens as well if I attempt to run another different modpack, afterwards as well, usually crashing at startup. The modpack is stable, other people have played with it and tried it out, and played for many hours, and they do not seem to encounter any issues whatsoever. I have then, given up trying solving the issue by myself and sought your help. I've linked below both the Forge log and the Launcher (?) log (the one that appears in my MC folder). Forge Debug Log HS_ERR_PID16640 Please let me know if I should provide any extra information, and thank you for your time.
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