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  1. it worked! thank you so much! i would have never thought of doing that
  2. code looks like this : public static final RegistryObject<Block> TEST_ORE= BLOCKS.register("testore",()-> new Block(BlockBehaviour.Properties.of(Material.STONE,MaterialColor.COLOR_BROWN) .strength(1.0F, 1.0F) .harvestTool(ToolType.PICKAXE) .harvestLevel(2) .requiresCorrectToolForDrops() .sound(SoundType.STONE))); }
  3. i am working on the FML 1.17 beta version when using .harvestTool(ToolType.PICKAXE) and .harvestLevel(2), it doesnt make a difference and i can still mine my block with my hand i read some other forums and they said to add ".func_235861_h_()" or "setRequiresTool()" , but it looks like in the newest version, it has changed to ".requiresCorrectToolForDrops()" however, when i tried to use .requiresCorrectToolForDrops(), it made everything slower and doesnt drop an item at all anymore. Am i missing something? is there a different syntax for the old "setRequiresTool()" ?
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